About Us

Merle & Katie Krehmeyer

StarGazN Great Danes is located in beautiful East Central Wisconsin. Merle and I have always had a love for dogs. Merle wanted a Great Dane and I wanted a dog that could snuggle up in my lap (I would later learn that Danes can accomplish this!).

In 2001 we started researching Great Danes to see if they were the breed for us.  Merle really wanted a brindle, so we kept that in mind while trying to find a reputable breeder.  Through researching the breed and breeders, we found Sumner Great Danes.  Merle and I met our mentor and good friend, Fay Rogstad in February 2002. Fay introduced us to CH. Sumner's Star Catcher, her beautiful brindle bitch.  Merle and I knew after meeting Fay and Star that Danes were definitely the breed for us.  Fay said she would let us know when she had a litter as she was planning on breeding Star to CH. VKM's Antonio.

On May 20, 2002 Star's litter was born and our fate was sealed. We picked up our new brindle puppy in August and named her Sumner's Ezri Dax. Ezri made herself right at home and enjoyed playing with her new brother, Jack, our Jack Russell Terrier.  Merle had a special connection with Ezri. She was very much Daddy's girl.  You could see the love and devotion in her eyes every time she looked at him.  Ezri received her Canine Good Citizen (CGC) title from the American Kennel Club on April 12, 2008. Our Brown Truck, as Merle affectionately called her, passed away on January 08, 2010. We will never forget Ezri. Without her, we would've never gotten into Conformation or met the many friends showing has brought into our lives. Ezri - You will always be our Sunshine. Until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge sweet girl.

Sumner's Ezri Dax CGC

Shortly after Ezri joined our family, Merle and I started to attend AKC Conformation Shows through-out Wisconsin. I had dreamed of some day owing a dog that I could show, but never realized that there were shows right in our backyard. I thought the only Conformation Shows were the ones you watched on TV. So in 2003, Merle and I asked Fay about getting a show puppy from her. She said she would let us know when she had one available.

While we were waiting for our first show puppy to come along, a family member told us about a 3.5 year old mis-marked harlequin bitch that needed to be rescued. I went to the people's house that same day to check out the situation and could have cried. Simone was nothing but skin and bones. You could see her spine and all of her ribs. I contacted Merle to informed him of Simone's situation and I brought her home with me on October 19, 2003. Once home, we realized that Simone was afraid of men and figure that she had probably been abused. With a lot of love, patience and food, Simone bounced back, got over her fear of men, and became my shadow. She followed me everywhere I went and never left my side.  Simone graced us with her love for six more years and passed away on July 27, 2009 at the age of 9.5. I still miss my special girl each and every day. I know we will meet again some day at Rainbow Bridge and cross over together.


Fay contacted us about a litter she had out of CH. Sumner's Star Gaz'N Astronomer (Ezri's brother Ashton) and VKM's Keepsake De Elan (Baby) on November 16, 2004. We were so excited and were hoping to get a show puppy out of this litter.  We picked up Shasta, Sumner's It Hasta Be Shasta, in February 2005. I started Conformation Training Classes at Winnegamie Dog Club that Spring. I showed Shasta locally for two years and she retired from showing in August 2006. Fay and I decided to spay her and let her enjoy just being a member of the family. Shasta is enjoying retirement and is quite a clown. She attained her Canine Good Citizen (CGC) title from the American Kennel Club on April 12, 2008.

In August 2006, Sumner's Canon In D V Alpine joined our family. Dee attained her Canine Good Citizen (CGC) title from the American Kennel Club on October 17, 2009 and became our first conformation champion on March 07, 2010. Dee is our foundation bitch. You can find more out about Dee on her personal page.

Merle and I are members of the Heart Of Minnesota Great Dane Club. I am also a member of the Great Dane Club of America and the Winnegamie Dog Club. Here at StarGazN Great Danes, we breed occasionally trying to produce not only wonderful show dogs, but a Dane of sound temperament and good health that can be a loving stable member of the family. We believe in breeding for QUALITY NOT QUANTITY.

Sumner's It Hasta Be Shasta CGC